The Score System

An unquestionable masterpiece.
Experiencing it will enrich your life monumentally, filling you with the overwhelming urge to give a high five to everyone who crosses your path, just because.

An excellent piece of entertainment that falls slightly short of true greatness.

A highly flawed, but nonetheless incredibly fun, totally entertaining effort.

Dull, derivative and perhaps even a third detrimental ‘D’ adjective.
Nothing truly terrible and it may even be fun at times, especially for fans of the genre, but it’s distinctly average on the whole. Maybe high production values or a James Remar appearance makes the experience worthwhile.

Hopelessly wretched.
The creators probably only threw this together to serve as a flimsy means of distraction so they could break into your car unnoticed. Perhaps watching it will convince Uwe Boll to release your kidnapped family though, so it might have some value.

The worst thing since the holocaust.
May cause hysterical blindness and projectile vomiting.
Most likely stars Paris Hilton.